X-Ray Inspection

Test Content:

X-Ray inspection is a real-time non-destructive inspection, the use of low-energy X-ray without damaging the inspected items, rapid detection of the inspected object, the use of high voltage impact on the target material to produce X-ray penetration to detect electronic components, we mainly check the chip pin frame, wafer size, gold wire binding diagram, ESD damage and holes, etc.

Inspection Purpose:

Through X-ray penetration, the inspection aims to detect electronic components, assess the internal structure construction quality of semiconductor packaging products, and evaluate the soldering quality of various types of solder joints in SMT (Surface Mount Technology). It is used to inspect IC packaging defects such as layer peeling, burst, hollow, and line integrity. It can also identify defects in the printed circuit board process, such as poor alignment, bridging, and open circuit. Additionally, X-Ray inspection is utilized for integrity inspection of tin balls in array packages and chip packages, inspection of high-density plastic material rupture or metal material cavity, and measurement of chip size, line arc, and component tin area ratio.

a. IC packaging defects inspection such as: layer peeling, burst, hollow and hitting the integrity of the line inspection;

b. Printed circuit board process defects that may arise, such as: poor alignment or bridging and open circuit;

c. SMT solder joint hollow phenomenon detection and measurement;

d. Various connection lines may be generated in the open circuit, short circuit or abnormal connection defects inspection;

e. Integrity inspection of tin balls in array packages and chip packages;

f. High-density plastic material rupture or metal material cavity inspection;

g. Chip size measurement, line arc measurement, component tin area ratio measurement.

Commonly Used Equipment:

X-Ray equipment



Testing Cases: