• Supply Chain Network

    With a 20-year history in the industry, we have built a substantial product database and forged strong, long-lasting partnerships with major electronic component manufacturers worldwide. Our extensive regional supply network grants us access to shared inventory information from thousands of medium to large suppliers in key regions of Asia. This enables us to meet your most demanding procurement requirements.

  • Management System

    We pay more attention to the quality and standards of our products. It is because we understand the challenges our customers face in continuously ensuring quality throughout the process that our entire process is based on quality, reliability and continuous improvement of our quality management system. We do all of this to give you peace of mind.

  • Testing Standards

    We have established our own professional testing laboratory to ensure that every product we supply to our customers meets quality standards. We are equally stringent when it comes to testing standards. To ensure 100% originality and originality of our products, we also conduct joint testing of the highest quality components with the most reputable third-party testing organizations.

  • Gold Service

    With our industry experience and tailored sourcing solutions for each customer, we aim to establish enduring partnerships. We comprehend your requirements and the challenges that may arise within the supply chain. Allow us to take on the task of sourcing critical components so that it becomes our challenge, not yours. This is our expertise, and we take pride in going above and beyond for our customers.

Our Monologue

Lisleapex Electronic CO., LTD., established in 2004 and headquartered in Taiwan, is an independent supplier of electronic components. Leveraging Taiwan's influence in the electronic component manufacturing industry and capitalizing on the thriving market environment in Southeast Asia, we have emerged as the preferred partner for manufacturers across various industry sectors worldwide. Our core values of service, professionalism, and innovation guide us in delivering exceptional services to our customers and ensuring the smooth operation of their production lines.

Work Together To Create Excellence

We have won the trust and recognition of our customers with our excellent service quality, thereby establishing a lasting cooperative relationship. We are not just doing a job, we are doing everything carefully, which gives our team a high sense of responsibility and mission.

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What we can offer you?

We take pride in providing an extensive range of products sourced from the world's top electronic component manufacturers. Our offerings include a wide variety of integrated circuits (ICs) such as PMICs, memories, logic, embedded FPGAs, CPLDs, microprocessors, microcontrollers, RF/IF and RFID devices, semiconductor modules, and other electronic components.

Our products cater to diverse industries including automotive manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial products, electronic communications, and the security sector.

  • Automotive Electronics

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Automation & Control

  • IoT

  • Communication Network

  • Medical and Healthcare

We have distinctive advantages in collaborating with renowned brands such as Xilinx, Altera, Microsemi, Microchip, Lattice, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, NXP, Analog Devices Inc, Maxim Integrated, Renesas, Cypress, ON Semiconductor, Intel, Broadcom, TE Connectivity, and many more.

  • renesas
  • nxp
  • intel
  • st
  • infineon
  • altera
  • microchip
  • analog devices
  • xilinx
  • lattice

Our Philosophy

  • Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and advanced technology, we are committed to addressing global supply chain challenges with exceptional speed and quality. We aim to fulfill the diverse supply chain requirements of our global manufacturing customers.

  • To be acknowledged as the leading provider of efficient supply chain solutions in the global manufacturing industry.

  • By fostering a culture of collaboration and exceptional care, we ensure that our team members prioritize both their colleagues and our customers. As we prioritize taking care of our team and fostering strong relationships within, our team, in turn, goes above and beyond to take care of our valued customers.

  • Embracing innovation and change is crucial for our growth and success. Although resistance to change is natural, we actively strive to embrace new ideas and adapt our thinking and processes accordingly. By fostering a culture of continuous innovation, we aim to deliver unparalleled service to our valued clients.


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