External Visual Inspection

Test Content:

The external visual inspection involves several aspects. Firstly, a visual examination is conducted using the naked eye, focusing on the test sample's quantity, internal and external packaging, humidity indication, desiccant, etc. Secondly, the test sample is observed using equipment, mainly checking for typing, year, country of origin, recoating status, pin condition, re-polishing traces, unknown residues, and manufacturer's logo location.

1. The contents of the package body inspection include: scratches, stains, breakage, unfilled, spillage, etc.

2. The content of the printing inspection includes: misprint, offset, missed print, multiple print, blur, tilt, displacement, broken word, double print, no word mold, etc.

3. The content of the foot detection includes: missing foot, broken foot, foot spacing, foot width, foot curvature, foot span, foot length difference, foot standing height, foot coplanarity, foot tilt, etc.

Inspection Purpose:

According to the relevant standards, to determine whether the chip is brand new, whether it is refurbished, whether the pins are tinned, oxidized, etc.

Commonly Used Equipment:

Electron microscope, optical microscope


Electron microscope observation sample requirements: non-magnetic or weak magnetic, non-damp and non-volatile solid samples, less than 8CM * 8CM * 2CM. Optical microscope observation sample requirements: no special requirements.

Testing Cases: