SAT Inspection

Test Content:

It is mainly used to observe chip bonding failure, delamination, cracks, inclusions, cavities, etc. inside the component. It is a non-destructive test to detect the integrity of the component, the internal structure and the internal condition of the material, as one of the non-destructive analysis, it can achieve the detection of the material without destroying the electrical energy of the material and maintaining the structural integrity. With visual images and analysis.

Inspection Purpose:

Detecting defects such as delamination and cracks in electronic components, LEDs, metal substrates (cracks, delamination, voids, etc.); discerning the difference in acoustic impedance inside the material by image contrast, determining the shape and size of defects, determining the orientation of defects, etc.

Commonly Used Equipment:

Scanning Acoustic Tomography


No special requirements for the sample when testing, the sample surface can be tested flat.

Testing Cases: