Diodes AL5887Q for Automotive Ambient Lighting Solution

As the automotive market continues to expand, the demand for automotive lighting systems among consumers is also increasing.


Automotive ambient lighting, as a novel and stylish lighting system, has been warmly welcomed by young consumers. In addition to RGB LEDs used for display, the driving chip controlling LED display is also crucial. Only with a sufficiently powerful driving chip can various LED effects be demonstrated.


In response to this demand, Diodes has introduced a driving chip, the AL5887Q, which can control up to 12 RGB LEDs (36 channels). The AL5887Q can adjust the current of 36 LEDs (4096 steps) through PWM (12-bit), with a maximum current of 70mA per channel. It supports I2C/SPI control and features advantages such as low static power consumption, low voltage protection, and over-temperature protection. The package size is only 6*6mm.


This article elaborates on the adoption of the AL5887Q solution for automotive ambient lighting.


Scene Application Diagram


Scene Application Diagram

Display Board Photo


Display Board


Core Technical Advantages

  • Control of up to 36 LED displays
  • Built-in 12-bit 30KHz PWM dimming
  • Maximum current per LED up to 70mA
  • Less than 3.5% difference in current between each LED
  • Logarithmic or linear dimming control
  • Extremely low static current
  • Built-in warning and protection functions


Solution Specifications

  • Voltage input range: 2.7-5.5V
  • 4096-level brightness adjustment
  • Digital interfaces: I2C/SPI communication
  • Low voltage warning and protection functions
  • Over-temperature warning and protection functions
  • Shutdown mode current less than 1uA
  • Power-saving mode current less than 15uA
  • 6*6mm 52PIN QFN package

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