The AR2020, onsemi's Hyperlux LP product family, is a 1/1.8-inch backside illuminated (BSI) stacked CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 5120(H) x 3840(V) at 60 fps. This advanced sensor captures images in linear or enhanced dynamic range (eDR) modes for a rolling shutter. This advanced sensor captures images in linear or enhanced dynamic range (eDR) modes as a rolling shutter. The AR2020's architecture and design is designed to deliver high quality performance with extremely low power consumption. It is powered by onsemi's latest 1.4 μm BSI pixel technology, which delivers excellent performance in low light and near-infrared wavelengths. The AR2020 features a powerful data acquisition facility at the edge, which can be programmed with multiple options to provide optimal bandwidth at very low power consumption.


Video conferencing cameras
Network Cameras
Machine Vision Cameras
3D and Stereo Cameras
Retail In-Store Cameras

►Scene Application Map

Scene Application Map

►Product Physical Map


►Display Board

Display Board


►Solution Block Diagram

Solution Block Diagram

►onsemi demo system

onsemi demo system


►MOW Motion Detection

MOW Motion Detection




►Core Technology Advantages
- Lowest power consumption in the industry (430 mW (Typical) at 20 MP and 60 fps)
- Enhanced NIR response at 850nm and 940nm wavelengths
- Intelligent ROI
- Wake on Motion (WOM)
- Multiple Subsampling Modes - Binning, Summing, Skipping, Windowing
- Multiple Function Modes - Global Reset Release (GRR), Trigger Activation
- Enhanced Dynamic Range (eDR) and Line Interleaved HDR (LI-HDR) modes.
- Supports simultaneous output of two images. Two different resolutions can be output depending on the bandwidth setting.
- Built-in Digital Scale


►Program Specifications
1. Optical size : 1/1.8-inch 20 Mp (4:3) 2.
2. Pixel : 1.4 um Back Side Illuminated (BSI)
3. Resolution: 5120H x 3840V
4. Frame Rate : Full Size, Linear Mode 60 fps (MIPIx2), 30 fps (MIPIx1)
5. Color Filter Array (CFA) : RGB Bayer, Mono 
6. Output Interface : 2x4-lane MIPI (1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 2x4-lane supported) using D-PHY;Max data rate: 2 Gbps/lane
7. Power consumption : 430 mW (Typical) at 20 MP and 60 fps
8. Voltage: Analog, Pixel :2 
    Analog, Pixel :2.8 V (2.7 < Vsupply < 2.9 V)
            I/O :1.8 V (1.7 V < Vsupply < 1.9 V)
    Digital, PLL, MIPIphy : 1.05 V (1.0 V < Vsupply < 1.1 V)
9. Chief ray angle (CRA) : 13 degree 
10. Package : Bare Die & MPBGA-78 (13 mm x 10.5 mm)
11. Operating temperature : -30℃~85℃(Junction)

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