The MOTIX™ motor controller IMD700A by Infineon is a fully programmable motor controller integrating XMC1404 microcontroller with 6EDL7141 three-phase gate driver IC in a single package to support the development of next-generation battery-powered products utilizing BLDC or PMSM motors. With integrated precision power and current sensing amplifiers, many peripheral circuits are no longer required, reducing PCB space and enhancing system integration possibilities.


The XMC1404 is an ARM® Cortex®-M0 based microcontroller with specialized features for improved motor drive control. A hardware math coprocessor with a clock frequency of 96 MHz enhances computational capabilities, including division and trigonometric functions such as "arctangent," commonly used for PMSM field-oriented control. Additionally, inheriting most high-end peripherals from the XMC4000 series (ARM® Cortex®-M4), including PWM timers-CCU8 and CCU4, position interface (POSIF), or serial communication modules including CAN, ensures excellent control capabilities.


The integrated three-phase gate driver (6EDL7141) aims to achieve maximum flexibility. With configurable gate driver sink and source currents of up to 1.5 A, the 6EDL7141 can efficiently drive various MOSFETs, minimizing losses and improving efficiency. The product incorporates high-side and low-side charge pumps, allowing gate driver supply voltage settings between 7 V, 10 V, 12 V, and 15 V even at lower battery voltages. Parameters of the 6EDL7141 gate driver are also adjustable, enabling control of slew rate to minimize system electromagnetic interference. All settings of the 6EDL7141 can be quickly changed via a user-friendly PC-based GUI tool. Moreover, with a full suite of system protection features including OCP, UVLO, over-temperature, and stall detection, this dedicated motor controller enhances reliability and robustness under severe operating conditions.


Infineon's EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH board features a microcontroller, configurable gate driver, onboard power, and circuit protection functions, capable of driving motors rated up to 300 W using sensorless field-oriented control (FOC). Based on the MOTIX™ IMD701A fully programmable motor controller, it integrates an XMC1404 MCU with 6EDL7141 three-phase gate driver IC in a package, driving 3 mm x 3 mm OptiMOS™ 6 40 V/1.5 mΩ external power MOSFETs.


The board supports the development of battery-powered products using BLDC or PMSM motors, renowned for its high efficiency, small size, and low component count. The EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH can operate independently or in conjunction with Infineon's motor control GUI. It can operate at powers up to 300 W without the need for a heatsink.


► Scene Application Diagram


Scene Application


► Product Physical Diagram


Product Physical Diagram

► Display Board Photos


Display Board

► Solution Block Diagram




► Core Technical Advantages


  1. Reduced external component count, smaller PCB footprint
  2. Optimized efficiency and EMI
  3. Supports various inverter MOSFETs, high flexibility
  4. Integrated precision current sensing reduces external components
  5. Higher dynamic range improves signal resolution
  6. Enhanced reliability and fault detection capabilities


► Solution Specifications


  1. XMC1404 with digital coprocessor Parametrics: IMD701A-Q064X128-AA Channels 6 Configuration: MCU + three-phase Flash: 128 k Byte Isolation Type: Level shift Operating Voltage (min-max): 5.5 V - 60 V Output Current (Sink): 1.5 A Output Current (Source): 1.5 A

  2. Integrated power supply

  3. Adjustable switching frequency

  4. Programmable gate driver parameters

  5. 3 current sensing amplifiers

  6. Comprehensive dedicated motor control protection suite

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