Medical Healthcare Solutions

With decades of rich experience, we offer innovative surgical plans, implants, instruments, and medical education solutions to accelerate innovation for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, ultimately leading to the transformation of the healthcare industry.


Patient-Specific Devices

3D Systems' VSP® surgical planning solutions, combined with cutting-edge digital workflows and the industry's widest range of additive manufacturing printers and materials, provide comprehensive solutions tailored to individual patients. We collaborate with equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and surgeons to innovate customized solutions, translating virtual surgeries into the operating room, improving surgical outcomes, and enhancing patient experiences.

Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions

Medical device manufacturers need innovative approaches to expedite the market entry of high-quality and reliable products. Our unmatched capabilities and experience in additive manufacturing enable us to assist them in developing innovative medical devices and instruments. We also collaborate with them to identify the best commercialization pathways, either through contract manufacturing support offered by our two manufacturing facilities or through technology transfer to customers.

Consulting Services

We offer flexible solutions to medical device and hospital system customers, combining printers, materials, software, engineering expertise, and regulatory guidance, all built upon decades of experience in additive manufacturing best practices. From medical equipment design and development to printer process validation for manufacturing and ongoing production support, our Application Innovation Group (AIG) provides a range of consulting services.


We are the ideal partner for laboratories, dental distributors, and OEMs in the digital dentistry field. Our unique advanced manufacturing technologies ensure perfect fit for all dental restorations, whether adhesives, removable prosthetics, or implants, meeting functional and aesthetic requirements.

Medical Simulation

Simbionix simulators are at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) medical simulation. These training simulators provide clinical practitioners with the most realistic hands-on experience to master critical skills, ensuring surgical efficiency and mitigating patient risks.


With over thirty years of experience, we are dedicated to innovating bioprinting technology to revolutionize the patient care market. Bioprinting, known for manufacturing living tissues, has the potential to surpass the limits of regenerative medicine and disrupt the healthcare field.

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