With the advancement of automation technology, companies are integrating mechanical automation control systems into their production processes to enhance productivity and competitiveness. By replacing labor-intensive manual operations, mechanical automation improves production capacity and yield.


Today, the economic benefits and technological developments brought about by mechanical automation have become essential for enhancing value and industrial competitiveness.


In the field of mechanical automation, Industrial Automation has leveraged its years of experience in automation control and mechanical electronics research and development to provide efficient, high-precision, and highly reliable products, systems, and solutions for industries such as packaging, machine tools, textiles, elevators, lifting equipment, rubber and plastics, and electronics.


With its profound research and development capabilities, professional expertise, and real-time global services, Industrial Automation's mechanical automation solutions not only help customers effectively increase automation production speed and efficiency, improve product accuracy and yield, but also reduce labor costs and production costs, save material consumption, minimize equipment losses, and enhance competitiveness.


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In the diverse market of consumer goods, packaging is an integral part of the product and serves as a reflection of its quality. Packaging quality has become a key factor influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, in addition to aesthetics, manufacturers now place strict requirements on every aspect of the packaging production process.


For packaging manufacturers, the increase in labor costs is a common challenge. Fully automated production, which replaces manual labor, not only enhances and strengthens industrial development but also becomes the driving force and development trend for the continuous growth of the packaging industry.


lisleapex Industrial Automation Solutions provide the speed, precise positioning, high-speed monitoring, and system stability required in the packaging industry. The lisleapex servo system, with its high-speed responsiveness, accurate correction capabilities, and synchronous tracking functions, reduces unnecessary acceleration and deceleration movements, minimizing mechanical damage to the system and reducing maintenance costs.


The integration of lisleapex's high-speed CANOpen network ensures seamless connectivity throughout the system, avoiding unnecessary waste due to calculation errors and timing deviations. This enables high-speed production while improving efficiency and quality, making it the mainstream solution for the future packaging industry.


Machine Tools

Machine tools are power-driven manufacturing devices used primarily for precision metal cutting to produce other machines or metal parts for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, machinery, molds, electronics, and power generation. Machine tools can be classified as traditional manually controlled metal cutting machines or numerical control (NC) and computer numerical control (CNC) machines.


Based on customer needs and market trends, lisleapex Industrial Automation has developed CNC controllers, spindle motors, and drives, coupled with AC servo drives, to achieve motor speed control, torque control, and precise positioning of machine tools. Through continuous research and innovation, lisleapex Industrial Automation has introduced the high-performance NC300 series universal CNC controller, which supports the standard ISO G-code format.


When combined with the lisleapex ASDA-A2-F series servo drives, permanent magnet spindle systems, and the next-generation communication network DMCNET for high-speed data transmission and control, the NC300 control system provides complete input/output interfaces suitable for general-purpose machining applications such as mold processing, milling, and drilling. lisleapex works closely with the industry to develop specialized automation control systems, helping customers gain an advantage in the market competition by providing high-performance machine tools tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry.



Clothing represents personal taste and identity, and the source of clothing production is textiles. Whether natural or synthetic fibers, they can be processed into fabrics through a series of operations using textile machinery, which are then used to make clothing. In the modern fashion industry, the requirements for fabrics continue to increase, and the accuracy and quality of automated textile processes are the direction of development for the textile.



In the early days, elevators were merely fashionable lifts found in palaces. Nowadays, elevators have become vital transportation devices in buildings, with the comfort and safety of passengers being the primary focus of elevator solutions. In response to this, Lisleapex Industrial Automation has developed dedicated elevator drives, employing a 32-bit high-speed CPU chip.


These drives feature fast response, high torque output, and precise positioning, ensuring zero deviation alignment between the stopped elevator and the floor. They effectively control the force required for ascending and descending based on varying passenger numbers and weights, maintaining consistent smoothness. They can accurately and rapidly respond to passenger load information before the elevator doors close or start, preventing zero-speed slip.


Lisleapex also offers energy-saving solutions by utilizing the AFE2000 series active power regenerative unit. This not only improves the power quality and extends the lifespan and efficiency of elevators but also converts the regenerative energy and feeds it back into the power grid, achieving energy-saving, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly objectives.


When combined with synchronous permanent magnet motors, energy-saving efficiency can reach up to 40%! Lisleapex also introduces new products to meet different needs, such as the integrated elevator drive IED series, which integrates the elevator control system with the dedicated elevator drive, simplifying the procurement and maintenance processes of elevator systems, providing users with convenience and peace of mind.


Heavy Industry

The development scale and technological level of a country's heavy industry are important indicators of national strength. Among them, lifting equipment falls under heavy industry. It involves large capital investment, rapid technological advancement, and wide applications in industries such as energy extraction, ports, shipbuilding, logistics, power generation, and elevators.


Lisleapex has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial automation for many years, with a research and development team continuously developing key technologies and a series of industrial automation products required by the lifting industry, including inverters, programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, AC servo systems, and industrial power supplies.


With extensive industrial application experience, Lisleapex leverages its knowledge and expertise in automation control and power to tailor high-power hoists, winches, bridge starters, metallurgical specialized hoists, gantry cranes, tower cranes, and other lifting solutions that are safe, energy-efficient, precision-controlled, and highly competitive in the market. Lisleapex enhances the safety, reliability, and control accuracy of your lifting equipment, reduces handling time and construction maintenance costs, and helps you gain a competitive edge.



In recent years, the electronics industry has experienced rapid development, with various electronic and IC products constantly emerging in the market. Manufacturing industry players face a challenging competitive environment and the rising labor costs worldwide. In such circumstances, rapid, efficient, and high-quality production has become the key to competitiveness for all manufacturing industry players.


Automated production not only significantly reduces labor requirements but also decreases human errors, improves product quality, and enhances productivity, offering an effective solution to enhance competitiveness.


Lisleapex Industrial Automation has long been dedicated to the development of automation solutions, fully understanding that the speed and precision of automated production line equipment are critical factors influencing capacity.


According to market demands, Lisleapex provides a complete product line, including inverters, servo motor drives, servo motors, programmable logic controllers, vision systems, human-machine interfaces, temperature controllers, and pressure sensors. These products can be combined into various solutions, such as transfer, detection, and gripping, offering precise, high-speed, and highly reliable control functions to meet the needs of manufacturers.


When combined with Lisleapex's machine vision system for position, distance, defect, and counting-related inspections, it further ensures precise control of production quality, reduces defect rates, and guarantees the quality of finished products, providing practical automation solutions for the electronics industry.

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