FPGA Solutions for Consumer Electronics

Keeping pace with the innovative trends in the field of consumer electronics, FPGA plays a vital role.

The quality of consumer electronic products has significantly improved over the years, with continuous addition of features and integration of new technologies to enhance video connectivity, quality, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Keeping up with these trends and meeting the standards has put immense time pressure on consumer electronics manufacturers.


Manufacturers of consumer goods require chip design platforms that offer high performance, supporting emerging standards to enable 4K and 8K video (such as DisplayPort™, HDMI, SDI, MIPI, LVDS SERDES, PCIe, Ethernet, SLVS-EC, codecs, etc.), while being flexible enough to update their products to support future standards.


Additionally, it is crucial for them to have the agility to bring their products to market ahead of their competitors, particularly for products with shorter lifecycles, where cost-effectiveness is also paramount to ensure a high return on investment.


The traditional design approaches using ASSP or ASIC have significant drawbacks. ASSPs come with predefined feature sets and often lack support for the latest technological advancements, making it challenging for manufacturers to leverage them to differentiate their products.


While ASICs are well-suited for mass production, their longer development cycles contradict the shorter product cycles demanded by the consumer market. Hence, new design approaches are needed to enhance flexibility, accelerate innovation, and reduce development costs.


Intel® FPGAs provide the desired high performance, flexibility, and customization needed to bring your products to market while laying the foundation for improved yields. As market adoption increases, Intel leverages the Intel Custom Logic Continuum to streamline the transition from FPGA to structured ASIC and custom ASIC.


Intel Custom Logic Continuum for Consumers

With Intel's Custom Logic Continuum, innovative consumer goods companies can quickly bring their products to market and maximize return on investment as production scales.

Starting with our extensive portfolio of Intel® FPGA devices, the Custom Logic Continuum assists customers in gradually expanding production and testing the market. As production volumes increase and market demand stabilizes, we offer eASIC (structured ASIC) and/or HardCopy® ASIC solutions with competitive development costs, enabling customers to maximize their return on investment.


Consumer Applications

Next-Generation TVs/Video Displays and Peripherals

Intel FPGAs lead the market with cutting-edge display technologies, keeping you at the forefront of competition. With FPGAs, you can enable a multitude of video and connectivity IPs through input/output ports while managing backlighting and dimming of the display itself.



Deliver a "zero-latency" experience with high-quality, high-speed image and video processing, ensuring deterministic latency. Additionally, reprogrammability allows customers to upgrade their investments without the need to purchase new devices.


Consumer Drones

Combining low density, high performance, and low power options with dual-core and quad-core ARM processing systems maximizes processing performance for consumer drones. Furthermore, our FPGA AI Suite meets your real-time AI and deep learning requirements.


Video and Casino Gaming Machines and Peripherals

Provide ultra-low latency, high-performance video displays for electronic sports and casual gaming systems with enhanced analytics capabilities. Offer advanced LED management, security, and player tracking features for casino companies, creating an interactive player experience.


"Smart" Consumer Products and Wearable Devices

Customizable, low-power options with high bandwidth and deterministic low latency, along with our SmartNIC network solution for network function virtualization backend infrastructure.


Consumer and Professional Consumer Cameras and Projectors

Utilize the latest high-quality video displays and connection technologies with extremely low latency while customizing according to your I/O requirements.


Cutting-edge Consumer Innovations

The consumer electronics industry is continuously evolving with the latest technology trends. Intel's FPGAs and Custom Logic Continuum enhance ROI and offer intergenerational flexibility to help companies capitalize on the latest trends through rapid time-to-market.

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