Communication Create a brand-new digital experience, fully leverage the potential of 5G, and easily deploy new IoT business models. With comprehensive cloud-native application suites and secure network infrastructure solutions, you can upgrade your network instantly and increase revenue.


Reshaping Communication Models for 5G and Beyond

Maintain a leading position with secure networks and applications designed for the cloud


Develop a future-oriented 5G blueprint Utilize cloud-native network cores based on fusion strategies and billing methods to deploy new business models more rapidly.

Reliably protect and innovate multi-generation networks Prepare for convergence with secure and flexible 3G/4G/5G network signaling and policy management. Provide secure access, connect network boundaries, and ensure the availability and high-quality operation of services.

Increase revenue, provide superior customer experience, and automate service lifecycle management


Deliver personalized experiences to customers through innovative 5G services, boosting revenue Deliver consistent marketing, sales, and service experiences across all digital channels.

Cloud-scale operations Automatically create and deploy fixed and mobile digital services across physical and cloud networks, enabling automated lifecycle management.

Monetization solutions for all business models Price, bill, and invoice all service attributes while facilitating partner settlements across network slices.


Achieve operational excellence across plans, personnel, and IT

Simplify IT infrastructure Utilize next-generation cloud infrastructure to run new workloads and migrate critical tasks to the cloud, achieving superior performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Enhance backend systems to drive accelerated growth Optimize strategic sourcing through integrated planning, supply chain, and financial solutions; strengthen product and equipment supply chain management for better network expansion; innovate financial models to meet the demands of 5G business models.


Efficiently attract, develop, and retain top talent Stand out from the competition by providing consistent high-level customer care and accelerating innovation with exceptional talent.


Improve store operations and equipment leasing services Empower teams to provide insightful recommendations, propose optimized equipment financing alternatives, and enhance inventory management.

Reliable and secure enterprise communication

Mitigate network threats Create superior and unified communication products and services with network boundary security and threat detection capabilities.


5G Network Speed Soars, Billing Capabilities Must Keep Pace

The greatest significance of 5G lies in its network speed. However, communication service providers are well aware that innovation speed is equally important. Without a billing system (software responsible for customer service billing) that is suitable for 5G speeds, service providers will be unable to fully capitalize on the revenue brought by innovative technologies.


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