AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Solutions

AWS is a trusted technology and innovation partner in the global healthcare and life sciences industry, providing unparalleled reliability, security, and data privacy.


From the operating room to the bedside, accelerating innovation comprehensively

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are reimagining collaboration, making data-driven clinical and surgical decisions, supporting precision medicine, and reducing care costs. To help healthcare and life sciences organizations achieve their business and technology goals, AWS for Health offers a range of AWS services and AWS partner solutions, utilized by thousands of customers worldwide.


Healthcare Solutions
Achieve transformation in the healthcare industry with purpose-built solutions.

Life Sciences Solutions
Discover life sciences solutions that help you bring therapies to market faster.

Genomics Solutions
Unlock profound insights with genomic solutions for breakthroughs.

AWS Health Equity Initiative
Offers AWS service credits and technical expertise to selected organizations to help address health inequities affecting underserved or underrepresented communities worldwide.

AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative
Provides AWS service credits and technical expertise to selected organizations in four project areas: early disease detection, diagnostics, prognosis, and public health genomics.

AWS Healthcare Accelerator
A four-week opportunity for technical, business, and mentorship acceleration open to healthcare startups seeking to leverage AWS to address the most significant challenges in the healthcare industry.

AWS Empowers Healthcare and Life Sciences

Purpose-built Health Services and Solutions
Discover new ways to reduce costs, improve operational and clinical efficiency, and ultimately enhance patient care through purpose-built services and solutions, providing support to healthcare and life sciences organizations of all sizes.


Trusted Health Partner Network
Utilize a vast network of industry-leading AWS partners and leverage the comprehensive advantage of AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data, to easily start building on AWS and achieve faster innovation.


Experts at the Intersection of Health and Technology
Collaborate with specialized teams of healthcare and life sciences industry experts to provide robust support for your digital transformation and innovation initiatives. AWS health experts have an average of 18 years of industry experience.


Industry-Leading Security and Reliability
Leverage over 130 HIPAA-eligible services to enhance security and simplify compliance efforts. AWS enables customers to benefit from the scale and reliability of a global cloud infrastructure.


Segments within Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare Providers
Accelerate innovation, unlock siloed data, and develop personalized care strategies.

Healthcare Payers
Manage costs, gain better insights into member populations, and provide personalized healthcare experiences.

Health Tech
Accelerate the pace of innovation, reduce development costs, and shorten time to market.

Life Sciences
Facilitate faster entry of advanced and unique therapies into the market.

Medical Devices
Accelerate the development of secure and scalable medical device products.

Transform raw sequencing data into actionable insights and clinical applications.

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