Controller Automation Solutions

Reducing complexity and shortening engineering time through intelligent and open industry solutions and concepts.

An automation solution combines hardware and software into an intelligent functional solution. It offers engineers, system integrators, and other relevant personnel different hardware platforms to match their specific application requirements while simplifying integration work.


This automation solution allows for future scalability based on existing solutions, and it facilitates communication and data exchange with other systems through various means such as wired, wireless, or cloud-based methods. By utilizing ready-to-use and validated functional modules and project templates, engineering configuration time can be minimized. All these features aim to create intelligent and open automation solutions.


The underlying concept behind our automation solutions can be likened to the devices in your home, such as remote controls. You have a remote control for your TV, one for your DVD player, one for your CD player, and a universal remote control that can communicate with devices of all brands. Our solution is akin to that universal remote control.


Compact Controllers

Compact controllers based on CODESYS with embedded I/O are well-suited for small to medium-sized control applications.


Distributed Controllers

Replacing network adapters with CODESYS controller modules upgrades standard distributed I/O to more advanced control solutions.


X2 Control

Combining two mature automation products, the X2 operator panel incorporates integrated CODESYS PLC functionality.


BoX2 Edge Controller

The edge controller, equipped with built-in IEC 61131-3 CODESYS, possesses powerful local logic control capabilities. It can integrate control applications with IIoT and cloud connections while offering intelligent functionalities.


Modular PLC

Traditional modular PLCs programmed with CODESYS software support our product concept of openness and transparency.


Distributed I/O

Our extensive distributed I/O supports nearly all signal types, providing optimal field and bus connections.


Data Communication

Leading IP-based communication devices, such as routers, switches, modems, and converters for industrial and harsh environments.


X2 Series

The X2 HMI series caters to almost all your needs, with outstanding design and powerful performance enhancing your solutions.


Industrial Computers

The cost-effective C2 base version and high-performance C2 Pro version, both with optional pre-installed iX HMI runtime software.


IIoT Gateway

BoX2 serves as a protocol converter, IIoT gateway, and edge controller, enabling efficient connectivity and intelligent functionalities.


Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

A comprehensive range of industrial VFDs includes general-purpose and HVAC applications, models for standard control, and those with PM motor control.


iX HMI Software

Utilize iX HMI software within the X2 HMI for the development and design of modern, top-quality graphical user interfaces.


BFI Tool

A powerful VFD debugging and parameter backup software that supports real-time parameter editing, uploading, and more.


Cloud Connection VPN

Our cloud connection VPN solution ensures secure remote network connectivity between your devices and technical equipment. It is easy to install and configure.


We are delighted to provide a perfect solution that not only handles data but also assists in maintaining production systems and improving system performance.

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