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Part Number
Manufacturer Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
Package WDFN-6 HTSSOP-20 HTSSOP-20
Description Enhanced performance led driver LED Lighting Drivers Low-EMI, high-performance 4-channel LED driver for Automotive lighting 20-HTSSOP -40 to 125 Operating temperature range of -40 to 125 degrees
Stock 8526 9943 5401
Topology Boost Boost with Current Sink, SEPIC Boost with Current Sink, SEPIC
Features EasyScale 1-Wire Interface, Load Disconnect During Shutdown Boost Sync, Global dimming, Spread Spectrum Boost Sync, Global dimming, Spread Spectrum
Number of channels 4 3
Rating Automotive Automotive
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125 -40 to 125
Vin (min) (V) 4.5 4.5
Vin (max) (V) 40 40
Vout (min) (V) 6 6
Vout (max) (V) 40 45
Iout (max) (A) 0.4 0.3
Iq (typ) (mA) 5 5
Switching frequency (max) (kHz) 2200 2200
Product Category LED Lighting Drivers
RoHS Details
Series TPS61165
Mounting Style SMD/SMT
Package / Case WSON-6
Number of Outputs 1 Output
Output Current 1.2 A
Input Voltage, Min 3 V
Input Voltage, Max 18 V
Operating Frequency 1.2 MHz
Minimum Operating Temperature - 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature + 85 C
Brand Texas Instruments
High Level Output Current 100 uA
Input Voltage 3 V to 18 V
Low Level Output Current 100 uA
Moisture Sensitive Yes
Number of Channels 1 Channel
Output Type Current Mode
Pd - Power Dissipation 1.54 W
Product Type LED Lighting Drivers
Factory Pack Quantity 250
Subcategory Driver ICs
Supply Current - Max 2.3 mA
Type Inductive
Unit Weight 0.000342 oz

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LED Lighting Boost Converter with High Voltage Output

Texas Instruments VSON-10 3~7 Days 3,298.00

18.5-V, 3.2-A, 650-kHz / 1.2-MHz step-up DC/DC converter 10-VSON -40 to 85

Texas Instruments VSON-10 3~7 Days 3,788.00

0.45A Switching Regulator, 1000kHz Maximum Switching Frequency, SOT-23 Package

Texas Instruments SOT-23-5 3~7 Days 5,967.00

Switching Voltage Regulators 3.5MHz1.5A92% Eff Boost Converter

Texas Instruments WSON-8 3~7 Days 4,543.00

Conv DC-DC 1.8V to 5.5V Synchronous Step Up Single-Out 5V 1A 16-Pin VQFN EP T/R

Texas Instruments VQFN-16 3~7 Days 3,105.00

Switching Voltage Regulators Boost Converter with 5.5 A Quiescnt Crrn

Texas Instruments SC70-6 3~7 Days 4,449.00

LED Lighting Drivers Low-EMI, High-Performance 4-Channel LED Driver 20-HTSSOP -40 to 85

Texas Instruments HTSSOP-20 3~7 Days 7,468.00

Switching Voltage Regulators 1.2A Sw Hi Vltg Boost Conv

Texas Instruments WSON-6 3~7 Days 7,239.00

Switching Voltage Regulators 3-A Boost Converter with 0.5-V Ultra Low Input Voltage 8-WSON -40 to 125

Texas Instruments WSON-8 Active 3~7 Days 3,062.00

Switching Voltage Regulators 3A High Vltg Boost Converter

Texas Instruments HTSSOP-14 3~7 Days 7,804.00

The TPS61170DRV is a synchronous boost converter chip designed for driving white LEDs

Texas Instruments SON6 3~7 Days 5,722.00

Small footprint and high efficiency make it ideal for portable electronics applications

Texas Instruments 8WSON 3~7 Days 6,916.00

Boost converter DC-DC voltage stabilizer

Texas Instruments WSON (DRV)-6 3~7 Days 4,245.00

DC-DC Converters with ROHS compliance

Texas Instruments SOT-23 (DBV)-5 3~7 Days 6,788.00

Converts Low Voltage to High Voltage

Texas Instruments QFN 3~7 Days 4,744.00

Simplify your backlighting with this high-performance TP

Texas Instruments HTSSOP (PWP)-20 3~7 Days 5,957.00

This switching voltage regulator is ideal for use in battery-powered devices

Texas Instruments SOT23THN-5 ACTIVE 3~7 Days 5,101.00

Efficient power conversion

Texas Instruments VSON (DRC)-10 ACTIVE 3~7 Days 9,618.00

DC to DC switching regulator

Texas Instruments DSBGA-6 ACTIVE 3~7 Days 7,175.00

Single-output SOT-23 package

Texas Instruments SOT 3~7 Days 5,293.00

Compact -pin SMT package ideal for space-constrained design

Texas Instruments VSON-10 3~7 Days 6,098.00

LED driver with a high Vge DC/DC boost converter for efficient lighting solutions

Texas Instruments VSON-10 3~7 Days 3,542.00

Its compact package makes it ideal for space-constrained electronic devices

Texas Instruments WSON-6 3~7 Days 5,817.00