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Rectifier Diode with 2 Elements, Silicon, 1 Phase, 3A, 100V V(RRM)

  • Manufacturer Part # : VS-6CSH01HM3/86A

  • Package/Case: TO277A-3

  • Part Status : ACTIVE

  • Brand: Siliconix

  • Product Categories : Diode Arrays

  • RoHS:

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VS-6CSH01HM3/86A DataSheet


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Diode Array 1 Pair Common Cathode 100 V 3A Surface Mount TO-277, 3-PowerDFN

Key Features

  • Hyperfast recovery time, reduced Qrr, and soft recovery,175 °C maximum operating junction temperature,Specified for output and snubber operation


  • State of the art hyperfast recovery rectifiers specifically designed with optimized performance of forward voltage drop and hyperfast recovery time.,The planar structure and the platinum doped life time control guarantee the best overall performance, ruggedness, and reliability characteristics.,These devices are intended for use in snubber, boost, lighting, piezo-injection, as high frequency rectifiers, and freewheeling diodes.


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Product Category ! Rectifiers RoHS Details
REACH Details Mounting Style SMD/SMT
Package / Case TO-277A-3 Vr - Reverse Voltage 100 V
If - Forward Current 6 A (2 x 3 A) Type Fast Recovery Rectifiers
Configuration Dual Common Cathode Vf - Forward Voltage 870 mV
Max Surge Current ! 150 A Ir - Reverse Current 700 nA
Recovery Time 27 ns Minimum Operating Temperature - 65 C
Maximum Operating Temperature ! + 175 C Series FRED Pt
Qualification AEC-Q101 Brand Vishay Semiconductors
Product Rectifiers Product Type ! Rectifiers
Factory Pack Quantity 1500 Subcategory Diodes & Rectifiers
Tradename FRED Pt Unit Weight 0.004007 oz


What is VS-6CSH01HM3/86A?

The VS-6CSH01HM3/86A is a Schottky rectifier diode manufactured by Vishay Semiconductor. It is designed for use in rectification and power management applications where low forward voltage drop and fast switching are critical.

How Does VS-6CSH01HM3/86A Work?

The VS-6CSH01HM3/86A works by allowing current to flow more efficiently in one direction (forward bias) with a lower voltage drop compared to standard silicon diodes. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications requiring high efficiency and fast switching.

How Many Pins does VS-6CSH01HM3/86A have and What are the Functions of the Pinout Configuration?

The VS-6CSH01HM3/86A is typically housed in a SOD-123FL package. The pinout configuration includes:

  • Anode: Anode terminal (positive side).
  • Cathode: Cathode terminal (negative side).

What are the Pros and Cons of VS-6CSH01HM3/86A?


  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: Provides efficient conduction with minimal voltage loss.
  • Fast Switching Speed: Suitable for high-frequency applications.
  • Compact Package: SOD-123FL package is space-efficient and suitable for compact designs.


  • Reverse Leakage Current: May exhibit higher reverse leakage compared to other types of diodes.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Performance characteristics can be sensitive to temperature variations.

Are There Any Equivalents/Alternatives to VS-6CSH01HM3/86A for Recommendation?

  • The SS16 Schottky diode from Diodes Incorporated is a comparable alternative.
  • Alternatives to the VS-6CSH01HM3/86A include the BAT54 series from STMicroelectronics and the RB751S40 from Rohm Semiconductor.

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