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The SAA3010T is a remote control transmitter integrated circuit with MOS technology and a PDSO28 package."

  • Manufacturer Part # : SAA3010T

  • Package/Case: SOP-28

  • Brand: Nxp Semiconductors

  • Product Categories : Remote Control ICs

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SAA3010T DataSheet


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The SAA3010T is a high performance 8-bit microcontroller manufactured by NXP Semiconductors. It features an 8051-compatible microcontroller core running at a maximum clock speed of 16 MHz. The device is designed for use in consumer electronics, industrial control systems, and automotive applications.The SAA3010T includes 4 KB of on-chip flash memory for program storage, as well as 128 bytes of RAM for data storage. It also features a wide range of peripheral interfaces, including UART, SPI, I2C, and GPIO pins for connecting to external devices such as sensors, displays, and communication modules.The microcontroller offers low power consumption with multiple power-saving modes to extend battery life in portable devices. It also features a robust set of built-in security features, including hardware accelerators for encryption and authentication.

Key Features

  • Low-power single-chip tuner IC for analogue and DVB-T signals
  • Integrated RF preamplifier and mixer for signal tuning
  • Supports VHF and UHF frequency bands
  • Low power consumption for extended battery life
  • Compact and lightweight design for portable devices
  • Designed for high-quality audio and video reception


  • TV transmitters
  • Video cassette recorders
  • CD players
  • DVD players
  • Digital video recorders
  • Set-top boxes
  • Car radio systems
  • MP3 players
  • Personal video recorders
  • Home theater systems


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Rohs Code No Part Life Cycle Code Transferred
Reach Compliance Code HTS Code 8542.39.00.01
JESD-609 Code e0 Number of Terminals 28
Operating Temperature-Max 85 °C Operating Temperature-Min -25 °C
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY Package Code SOP
Package Equivalence Code SOP28,.4 Package Shape RECTANGULAR
Package Style SMALL OUTLINE Power Supplies 2/7 V
Qualification Status Not Qualified Surface Mount YES
Technology MOS Temperature Grade OTHER
Terminal Finish Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) Terminal Form GULL WING
Terminal Pitch 1.27 mm

Datasheet PDF

Datasheets record the features, absolute maximum ratings, applications and more of the device, which benefit a lot as an overall guide to the specific application of the part.

Preliminary Specification SAA3010T PDF Download

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