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Constructed using CMOS technology and housed in a PQCC52 plastic package

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MC68HC11E1FN DataSheet


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The MC68HC11E1FN microcontroller unit from Motorola offers a powerful 8-bit microprocessor core, boasting a clock speed of up to 3.6 MHz. With 32 kilobytes of on-chip flash memory and 512 bytes of RAM, this MCU is well-equipped to handle a variety of tasks. Its numerous I/O and peripheral interfaces, including timers, serial communication ports, and analog-to-digital converters, make it versatile for a range of applications

Key Features

  • This microcontroller also has
  • a built-in clock circuit
  • a flexible timer system
  • integrated peripherals


  • Trusted in the medical industry
  • Secure and dependable
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The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Rohs Code No Part Life Cycle Code Obsolete
Reach Compliance Code HTS Code ! 8542.31.00.01
Has ADC YES Address Bus Width ! 16
Bit Size 8 CPU Family 6800
Clock Frequency-Max 12 MHz DAC Channels NO
DMA Channels YES External Data Bus Width 8
JESD-30 Code S-PQCC-J52 JESD-609 Code e0
Length 19.1262 mm Number of I/O Lines 38
Number of Terminals 52 Operating Temperature-Max 85 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -40 °C PWM Channels NO
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY Package Code QCCJ
Package Equivalence Code LDCC52,.8SQ Package Shape SQUARE
Package Style CHIP CARRIER Power Supplies ! 5 V
Qualification Status ! Not Qualified RAM (bytes) 512
ROM Programmability EEPROM Seated Height-Max 4.57 mm
Speed 3 MHz Supply Current-Max 27 mA
Supply Voltage-Max 5 V Supply Voltage-Min 5 V
Supply Voltage-Nom 5 V Surface Mount ! YES
Technology CMOS Temperature Grade ! INDUSTRIAL
Terminal Finish TIN LEAD Terminal Form ! J BEND
Terminal Pitch ! 1.27 mm Terminal Position QUAD
Width 19.1262 mm uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs Type MICROCONTROLLER

Specification Comparison

Datasheet PDF

Datasheets record the features, absolute maximum ratings, applications and more of the device, which benefit a lot as an overall guide to the specific application of the part.

Preliminary Specification MC68HC11E1FN PDF Download


What is MC68HC11E1FN?

The MC68HC11E1FN is a microcontroller unit (MCU) designed by Freescale Semiconductor (now part of NXP Semiconductors). It is a member of the HC11 family of microcontrollers and is ideal for applications requiring embedded control, automotive systems, and industrial automation.

How Does MC68HC11E1FN Work?

The MC68HC11E1FN operates as a microcontroller unit, handling embedded control tasks, processing input/output signals, and executing user-defined programs. It features an 8-bit CPU core, on-chip memory, and various peripheral interfaces, providing the necessary resources for system control and communication.

How Many Pins does MC68HC11E1FN have and What are the Functions of the Pinout Configuration?

The MC68HC11E1FN is housed in a 52-pin plastic quad flat pack (PQFP) package. The pinout configuration includes:

  • Port A: General-purpose I/O pins.
  • Port B: General-purpose I/O pins.
  • Port C: General-purpose I/O pins.
  • Port D: General-purpose I/O pins.
  • IRQ: Interrupt request pin.
  • RST: Reset pin.
  • VDD, VSS: Power supply and ground pins, respectively.
  • OSC1, OSC2: Crystal oscillator input and output pins.
  • MODA, MODB: Modes select pins.

What are the Pros and Cons of MC68HC11E1FN?


  • Robust and Reliable: Well-established microcontroller known for robust performance and reliability.
  • Peripheral Integration: Offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, reducing the need for external components.
  • Industry Standard: Widely used in automotive and industrial applications, with extensive support and documentation.
  • Temperature Range: Operates within a wide temperature range, suitable for harsh environments.


  • Obsolete: The MC68HC11E1FN is an older microcontroller and may have limited availability and support compared to newer alternatives.
  • Low CPU Performance: Features an 8-bit CPU core, which may limit performance for some modern applications.
  • Development Tools: Availability of development tools and libraries may be limited compared to more modern microcontrollers.

Are There Any Equivalents/Alternatives to MC68HC11E1FN for Recommendation?

  • The MC9S12A256 from NXP Semiconductors is a more modern microcontroller with enhanced features and performance.
  • Alternatives to the MC68HC11E1FN include the PIC16F family from Microchip Technology and the STM32 family from STMicroelectronics.

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